Chocolate Organic Matcha CBD Tea - 100mg of CBD

Chocolate Organic Matcha CBD Tea - 100mg of CBD


White chocolate 35 % cocoa minimum* (cane sugar* 42,5 %, cocoa butter* 35.5 %, origin mix), matcha*, milk powder* 21,4 %, cocoa mass* 12 %, vanilla extract* 1 %, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin* 1 %.

Contains 100 mg CBD (Cannabidiol)

Does not contain THC; * Ingredients from organic farming.

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Made in Brittany by chocolate makers chosen by Délikan, our 100% organic recipe perfectly combines the sweetness of matcha tea, the intensity of cocoa and the benefits of CBD;

Do you like chocolate? You also like matcha tea? You will melt for our delicious chocolate bar with matcha tea and CBD;

Matcha is a bright green tea with a unique taste, originating from Japan. It is made from dried green tea leaves that are then processed into a very fine powder with a high antioxidant content. Matcha tea is known for its anti-stress properties and also helps boost natural defences;

By combining the benefits of matcha tea and the therapeutic effects of CBD to help reduce stress, improve concentration and boost memory, our gourmet bar combines well-being, originality and quality;

Having a potential therapeutic action, CBD helps to reduce stress, relieve different ailments such as pain, inflammation or nausea. Handcrafted 

Container: 100 g