Organic CBD Honey - 250mg of CBD

Organic CBD Honey - 250mg of CBD


French organic bramble honey*.

Contains 250 mg of CBD (Cannabidiol)

Does not contain THC

* Ingredients from organic farming.

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Let yourself be seduced by our smooth organic honey from France, associated with the virtues of CBD. A delicious sweet note to sweeten your days.

Mix the virtues of honey and CBD with our recipe of organic honey from France with CBD 100% organic, combining well-being and quality in a single jar. Let yourself be carried away by the smoothness of our honey, to spread or to accompany your infusions. We use honey harvested by our French beekeepers and infuse it with organic hemp from Colorado;

Add a honeyed flavour to your desserts or infusions for a subtle taste experience.

High mineral and vitamin content

Relieves inflammation

Stress regulator

Sweet taste with notes of wild flowers Handcrafted.

Advice for use:

To take full advantage of the effects of CBD in our honey, add it to your hot drinks such as your tea, infusions or coffee. Be careful not to heat our honey too much to not alter the effects of CBD;