Organic Dark Chocolate CBD - 250mg of CBD

Organic Dark Chocolate CBD - 250mg of CBD

Ingredients :

Dark chocolate with a minimum cocoa content of 72%* (cocoa mass* 63.3% from Dominican Republic), cane sugar* 26.6%, cocoa butter* 10%, vanilla extract* 1%;

Contains 250 mg of CBD (Cannabidiol)

Does not contain THC;

* Ingredients from organic farming.

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Dark chocolate and CBD lovers? Our organic dark chocolate bar with CBD will make you melt.

Produced in Brittany by local chocolate makers chosen by Délikan, our recipe is 100% organic and combines well-being, quality and originality. Through the strength of the cocoa, subtly intense but not bitter, our organic dark chocolate with CBD guarantees an explosion of flavours in the mouth;

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of tasty dark chocolate and cannabidiol (known as CBD), our bar is composed of 72% cocoa and 250 mg of CBD. Rich in magnesium, dark chocolate is known for its antioxidant properties, can improve concentration and boost memory;

Having a potential therapeutic action, CBD helps to reduce stress, relieve different ailments such as pain, inflammation or nausea.


Container: 100 g